Euro Alliance Consulting Bulgaria Ltd

About us

A small, hard-working consulting agency based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. We assist students from all over the world to study in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is the best destination for students from many countries especially the UK who wish to study abroad. Even though foreign students study Medicine in Bulgaria in English, or study Dentistry in Bulgarian in English, the documentation process is in the Bulgarian language.

Our agency provides all the services from translation to registration at the University. None of our students have ever been rejected because of wrong documentation.

We also assist the student to get good housing and follow up with their landlords. Language barrier and cultural differences are usually the major problems when students first arrive. Our agents will help the student navigate through their first semester without difficulties as we are always there to help at all ours of the day and night.

Our students will be supported throughout their study time in Bulgaria. We’ll follow up their academic progress and also deal with matters out of the university when needed.

Our agent is always there to support the student 24/7

Applications process for 2015/16 academic year is ongoing at the Medical University in Plovdiv.