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01 May

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Many students have made the hard decision to study medicine in Bulgaria. While it is difficult to study abroad, there are some advantages to study medicine in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

The University: The Plovdiv Medical University is located in the central part of the city and linked to a hospital. Students who study Dentistry in Plovdiv, Bulgaria or study Medicine in Bulgaria have access to practical studies from the very start. Class attendance is very high. This is because the professors encourage and help students in their studies to improve on their understanding of the subject matter and improve their grades.

The standard of learning at the Medical University in Plovdiv is high. The diploma is recognized in Europe and so there is no fear of unemployment after graduation.

Language: The study language is English. Professors and lecturers are all qualified not only to teach the subject material but also to teach it to a diverse group of students.

The Bulgarian language is official in the country and students will have to study basic Bulgarian language to get around. This is important because business, both official and personal, is done in Bulgarian language. The Bulgarian language will also be used when students who study Medicine in Bulgaria or Study Dentistry in Bulgaria will have to visit hospitals and meet with patients and doctors.

Out on the streets, many young people can speak and understand the English language. The English language can be classified as the unofficial second (foreign) language in Bulgaria.

International community: Foreign students who study medicine in Plovdiv, Bulgaria or study Dentistry in Plovdiv, Bulgaria come from different countries. These include UK, Greece, Turkey, India, Germany, Nigeria, Bangladesh, and Israel, just to name a few. A student who studies abroad will not feel isolated and lonely.

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Though students usually group themselves according to nationality or race, many students still associate with each other on and off campus. It is visibly that the rights of international students are being respected especially concerning religion as can be seen by the dress code of some foreign students.

The Medical University in Plovdiv promotes unity among the students and encourages activities which will help student unity beyond race and religion. If you’re planning to study medicine in Bulgaria or Study Dentistry in Bulgaria, then the Medical University in Plovdiv provides the best international atmosphere for your studies.

The town and people of Plovdiv: Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria and one of the oldest cities of continues habitation on the continent. It has a rich history and more archeological work is being done. There is enough in Plovdiv for students to pass time as they rest from studies. Recently Plovdiv was nominated as the European capital of culture for the year 2019.

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The people in Plovdiv are friendly. Most students live in apartments and are satisfied with the relationship they have with the landlords. Most of the foreigners in Plovdiv are students who study medicine in Bulgaria or study dentistry in Bulgaria. Apart from the tourists who can be seen around Plovdiv. Most foreigners are students. There is little or no complains so far about incidents against foreign students in Plovdiv.

The economy of Plovdiv also benefits from the foreign students. Apartments are renovated to meet their needs and business places are being opened nearer to the Medical University. The authorities make sure that these students are safe and treated properly because they are beneficial to the society.

If you are thinking to study medicine in Bulgaria, or study dentistry in Bulgaria, then Plovdiv is the best place to be.

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  • study in bulgaria April 14, 2017 at 8:39 am

    Awesome post. These Advantages and Guidelines to study in Bulgaria are very informative. I am thankful to you for this post because I was thinking to continue my further studies in Bulgaria but was a kittle bit confused. After reading your post I am quite clear with my decision. Thanks again.


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