Euro Alliance Consulting Bulgaria Ltd


As your recruiting agent, it is our job to get you through your admission and registration process. We will also fully take care of your relocation and adaptation to new life as student in Bulgaria.

For our fees, we offer the following services:


During this stage we provide the following:

  • Information about all the Universities available,
  • Counseling about where (& what) to study and other academic advice,
  • Talks with our representatives in England, Bulgaria and other countries in person, by phone or social media,
  • Translation and Legalization of documents,
  • Submission of documents and application form to the university,
  • Preparation for English language entry test (if need be),
  • Tracking of application,
  • Reception of the Acceptance letter and forwarding to student,
  • Help to apply for invitation for students, who need visa,
  • Start registration process before student travels
  • Meet up at airport on first arrival,
  • Registration at the university on arrival


  • Temporary hotel room on arrival (especially when traveling with parents),
  • Relocation arrangements,
  • Finding apartment or student hostel,
  • See that all required and basic conditions are met in apartments or hostel,
  • Open bank account in local bank,
  • Get local phone number,
  • Resident permit (student version) if needed,
  • Six years continuous support