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25 May

Recently the Plovdiv Medical University celebrated its 70th anniversary. While still keeping tradition for training doctors, dentists, pharmacists and other medics, it is also looking into the future by investing in scientific research, infrastructure, faculty staff and international relations.

Since Bulgaria joined the EU, many students from Europe benefit from quality education in Plovdiv Medical University and Bulgaria as a whole. That’s why many students who wish to study medicine in Bulgaria or study dentistry in Bulgaria prefer Plovdiv.

Plovdiv Medical University is becoming famous around the world as their graduates return to their home countries to become dignified and talented professionals. The university has also increased their outreach into others countries by partnering with more than 84 universities both in the European Union and also non European Union countries in places like Japan, Russia, Israel, china, Nigeria and India.

The university organized the Anniversary Scientific Conference dedicated to the 70th Anniversary. The conference was launched by the Rector, Prof. Stefan Kostianev, MD, DMSci.

He asked all participants to take advantages of the opportunity to present their achievements and to share experience in all aspects of medical science, education and practice.
He wished them a very successful and enjoyable conference.

studymedicinebulgaria conf1

Many foreign speakers also contributed to the conference with scientific presentations and ongoing research in the various medical fields and specialty.

Invited lecturers came from many countries including Finland, Hungary, Germany, Greece, France, Czech and UK. Topics ranged from research on HIV and other diseases, to research in pharmacology and dentistry.

The 70th anniversary of the Plovdiv Medical University was dedicated to humanity. Medical science is all about helping humanity by eradicating diseases and helping find cure for others.


Foreign students who study medicine in Bulgaria or study dentistry in Bulgaria were also present at the 70th Scientific Conference. Invitations were open to those interested. The conference hall was always full during the lectures and presentations by the invited guests.

Those who attended were impressed with the history of the university and the plans for the future.

The Plovdiv medical university has been investing in infrastructure. Many newly erected buildings can be seen on campus. These facilities will be used both by the university as lecture halls and as hospital wards on campus.

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English teaching lecturers have been increased in number to provide adequate staff for the growing number of foreign students who study Medicine in English in Bulgaria.

The Plovdiv medical University is devoted to ever higher achievements by keeping strict internal control and operates according to the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard. The Plovdiv Medical University is the only Bulgarian medical university holding the prestigious international Socrates award. In 2015, it was also included in the prestigious international U-Multirank rating system.

By all standards, this is a modern institute of research and learning. The conference gave hope that with improvement in medical research, the world indeed can be a better place for mankind.

The University is devoted to making a better future not only for the students but for medicine in general. Welcome to the 21st century.

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