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13 May

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The Plovdiv Medical University Students organized a ball at the Hotel Maritza in Plovdiv end of March 2015. It was a grand event with more than 250 guests showing up. This was the first of its kind in Plovdiv.

Plovdiv Medical Students First Spring Ball 2015

Our team caught up with one of the organizers (Miss I.C.) for an interview.

Euro Alliance (EA): Why did you decide to organize this event?

I.C. : This is our second year as students who study medicine in Bulgaria and we’ve always been busy with studies so we decided to have this event to relax and get to know each other.

EA: How many guests did you have in mind?

I.C. : We expected a maximum of 60 students because we weren’t sure if many people would be interested. The event was initially meant for our close friends and their friends. We created the event on Facebook and started advertising around university. Students from other towns who study medicine and dentistry in Bulgaria also attended.

EA: Why do you think many other students were interested?

I.C.: This was something different from any other events that had been held before. We wanted it to be sophisticated and official, so I think many students were attracted at this aspect. They meet on campus daily but socialized in different groups. This event gave the possibility for students from different backgrounds, culture and nationalities to be together and overall have fun.

EA:I understand the Plovdiv Medical University staff was also represented?

I.C. : Yes. When the university heard about the ball, they were very interested and even contributed to the funding of the event. They sent a representative who attended and thoroughly enjoyed the event.

EA: You had a charity project?

I.C. : Yes, when we understood how big the event will be, so we decided to use the forum to raise funds for a charity project in Plovdiv.

EA: So do you have a project at hand?

I.C. : Kind of. The presence of foreign students who study medicine and dentistry in Bulgaria and Plovdiv in particular is changing the cultural landscape of this environment. We interact with people in various places like on campus, in hospitals and clinics, landlords, while shopping, in church and other social places. We are thinking of a project that will be nearer to us as medical students. We think of something like repairs on the playground of the Pediatric ward at the university hospital on our main campus. This will provide a place to kids who are healing to relax. Students passing by daily will be proud they contributed to fix the playground. We are open to other projects if need be.

EA: How was the ball itself?

Plovdiv Medical Students First Spring Ball 2015

I.C.: It was an amazing success. Everybody came well dressed and the hotel was very helpful on the night. We had several acts on the night, with students showcasing their talents on the night. There was poetry, singer, dancers and a choir. We also had Bulgarian traditional dancers that performed, they did a great job and we thank them for that.

The best thing about the ball was that students came together and spent quality time. Many pictures were taken as we had the red carpet. It was a magnificent event.

EA: Do you plan to have another ball next year?

I.C. : Yes, we will make the ball an annual event. Next year we plan to make the event even bigger and better! More students, more entertainment acts and more dancing! The ball is such a unique event whereby foreign students and the locals can come together and integrate.

Also, our charity project will be ongoing and funds will be raised for that.

EA: What will you say to prospective students who want to study medicine in Bulgaria or study dentistry in Bulgaria?

I.C. : Plovdiv has so much to offer both in terms of your education and socially. There are students from all over the world, so you will not be alone! All in all, You won’t be disappointed if you come to Plovdiv!

EA: Thanks very much young lady. We wish you and all the organizers of this event and all the students the best in your studies in Bulgaria.

I.C. : Thank you.

Plovdiv Medical Students First Spring Ball 2015

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