Euro Alliance Consulting Bulgaria Ltd


Student orientation

Relocating to a new place is usually complicated especially when you have to work in a foreign language. While studies are in English, official matters at the University and daily activities will be done in Bulgarian. Our job is to follow the student throughout the process so that they can get settled in peacefully. We’ll deal with all situations whether with the university authorities, local authorities, landlords, banks and other places to make sure that the student’s interests are met.

Bulgaria is a different place with different customs and work ethics. Our job will be to ease the student’s anxiety especially in a situation where there is a misunderstanding because of the differences in culture and how matters are resolved.

Al in all, Bulgaria is a good place to live and study as a foreign student. As many students will understand after they learn the language and interact with more locals, it is a lovely place.

There is freedom of worship for people of faith in Bulgaria.