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Plovdiv Agriculture University

The Agricultural University – Plovdiv was established in 1945. It has strengthened its positions as a national centre of agricultural science and education in Bulgaria.

In 2006 the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency awarded the Agricultural University – Plovdiv with an institutional accreditation and the highest grade of “Very Good”.

The University has modern lecture halls, computer rooms, sport halls and playgrounds, a swimming pool, a cafeteria, a library, etc.

The AU-Plovdiv provides training for three academic degrees – Bachelor, Master and PhD. Bulgarian students as well as foreigners are enrolled both as full-time and part-time students in the three academic and educational degree courses.


Foreign applicants who have completed the Preparatory training in Bulgarian language may choose between the following Bachelor programmes:

  •    General Agronomy
  •    Agrobusiness
  •    Agronomy (Plant Biotechnologies)
  •    Selection and seed production
  •    Plant biology
  •    Animal Breeding
  •    Agronomy (Viticulture and Horticulture)
  •    Plant Protection
  •    Agronomy (Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture)
  •    Agronomy (Grassing – exterior and interior design)
  •    Agricultural Engineering
  •    Agronomy – Hydromeliorations
  •    Ecology and Environment Protection
  •    Biological Farming
  •    Agroforestry systems and Highland Agriculture
  •    Agricultural Economics
  •    Regional Development Management
  •    Agricultural Tourism

For Foreign Students:
The Department of Language Teaching and Sports has a Preparatory Section for foreign candidate students who want to continue their education in the Republic of Bulgaria.

Time of Education:

The education in the Preparatory Section continues 9 months. The academic year starts on 1-st October and includes two semesters. At the end of the education and after a successful taking the exams on Bulgarian language and the relevant special subjects, the candidate students are given a certificate, which is valid for studies in all universities in Bulgaria.

Curricula and Syllabuses:

The curricula and syllabuses are designed on the base of the directions given by the Ministry of Education and Science. They are considered with the specific requirements of the university where the candidates will apply.

Necessary Documents for application:

A school-leaving certificate (a diploma for completed high education) –

  • translated and legalized into Bulgarian.
  • An academic verification (check-up) – the marks of all subjects /by years/ from the secondary school (high school) – translated and legalized into Bulgarian.
  • A document from the corresponding institution (agency), which verifies the right of the candidate to study at a university – translated and legalized into Bulgarian.
  • A Health certificate, issued in a one-month period before the date of application – translated and legalized into Bulgarian.
  • 4 recent photographs
  • Copy of the passport
  • A document verifying dual citizenship /if there is one/ – translated and legalized into Bulgarian.

The tuition fee for the students of the Preparatory course is € 2 500. It is divided in two equal installments (payments) and is paid at the beginning of each semester.
For foreign students with dual citizenship the tuition fee is € 1 250 /€ 625 per semester/.