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Sofia Medical University

Sofia is the political capital of Bulgaria. It is the highest populated city in the country.

Medical University – Sofia is the oldest institution of higher medical education in the country. It is a national educational, scientific and medical institution that conducts educational and health policy in line with international standards according to the Bulgarian medical school.

For those coming from non English speaking countries, you have to sit for a test in Basic English before admission.

Medicine is taught entirely in English. The program lasts for 6 years. Courses typically span 10 semesters of academic training.

The usual academic track in Bulgaria is structured so that the first 2 years focus on pre-clinical study and theory, the next 3 years for the most part focus on clinical study and, finally, the program is brought to completion with an internship year of medical rotations (310 days) before graduation. With regard to the curriculum and laboratory work, as well as research assignments, it is important to note that national standards are aligned to European Union requirements.

Moreover, during the internship year, students are required to take state exams for licensing. There are also summer practical internships that are obligatory for students in their 2nd, 3rd and 4th year of studies. Having fulfilled the requirements of the academic program, as well as the year-long internship and having passed the state exams, students receive the professional qualification of Physician or Doctor of Medicine (MD), and are awarded a Master’s Degree with full privileges worldwide.

The Degree and license are recognized in all EU member states and abroad. In turn, many graduates opt to continue in Bulgaria with their specialization, while some return to their home country or go to another country to seek residence for their practice.

At present, graduates of Bulgarian universities who practice medicine internationally number in the thousands.

Tuition: Tuition fees for an Academic year at the Medical University – Sofia


Master`s degree:

Medicine, Dental medicine, Pharmacy 8 000 € – English course
7 000 € – Bulgarian course
English & Bulgarian entrance test fee 120 €
Language training 3 700 €